Noa and Lotan

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    Meet the Heroes

    If we had to define Noa and Lotan in a few words, it would be gentleness, modesty and a lot of “familyhood”. When the two decided to get married, they knew that the same sense of homeliness, roots and tradition that characterizes them would be present in their wedding. Noa chose to establish her life here far from her parents who live in Canada. They told us about the magic moments on the balcony in Jerusalem during the well-known magic hours, listening to nostalgic radio tunes and sipping coffee, and how student life in Jerusalem had been a fulfilling experience. It was important to bring all this stuff into the wedding.

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    First Vibe

    Familyhood and a homely atmosphere, with a hint of Cochin and superior hospitality, which was to take place in a house built on the foundations of the old house of the grandparents in the Moshav. In a challenge to decipher and specify how to host a Friday afternoon wedding, in a magical, family-oriented, personal atmosphere, keeping simplicity but to a high standard and with joy.

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    Bringing it to Life

    We delved into refining the essence of the home-loving and magical moments of an Israeli Friday evening. And we tried to figure out what makes Friday’s magic moments at dusk, like a family Friday dinner.
    In order to be more precise, we went further into the Cochin culture, where we met an amazing community, exciting flavors and an amazing energy. Noa’s great love of flowers, lemons, and the color yellow was perfect here, as we knew that the two elements would blend in the design and help create a beautiful family yard atmosphere with a mix of proper music, light and dairy food, and lots of flowers around and that together they would bring charm into this homely hospitality experience.

Thats what they said

“A studio for producing memorable weddings. The weddings we create are faithful solely to the way of life of my son, BEBKE we The pair and reflect it perfectly. We do not let any other factor confuse us, we do not succumb to trends or constraints and no Give up until the wedding is just the way the couple wants it to be, in every aspect. We grant mental and creative freedom"

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