This is bebke

This is bebke

A bit about us

Bebke is a nimble team that’s all about merging fun creativity and professionalism, Founded by Inbar and Gev Rotem.
Helping clients from all over the world craft unique events in Israel for the past 12 years winning international awards for our creative, bespoke event planning.



(Inbar’s nickname)

People who work hard.
Searching for meaning.
Wildly creating.
And spreading joy

Our process

The event itself is the grand finale, but we believe that the journey to get there is no less important. Over the years, we’ve created a process that lets us get to know you, find out what you want out of your event (and, no less important, understand what you don’t want).

We make it easy for you to be as fully involved as you like, wherever you are in the world, thanks to a little something we call Bebke Boot Camp, and here’s how we do it:


Calling Bebke


Meet for coffee


Gather ideas


Prepare a plan


Gather a team


Bebke's BootCamp


Dress rehearsal



Our Secret Recipe

  • 1/ 1 cup of quality without compromise
  • 2/ 3 spoons of multisensory aesthetic
  • 3/ Add a pinch of Israeli pizzaz
  • 4/ Bake in a sense of unlimited possibility
  • 5/ Open the oven and celebrate life

What we do?

Getting to Know You

Whether you’re absolutely clear on what you want from the beginning or you’re coming in unsure where to even start, our approach means everything’s possible. From the first meeting, we’ll ask you the right questions – the kind that will help you figure out exactly what kind of event you want this to be. We’ll also help you find your direction, figure out your ‘why,’ and generally crack the codes – all so we can start imagining your event into reality. We’ll pull in ideas from multiple fields so we can  build a bespoke plan covering all the bases – location, food, music, design, content and so much more – for event that’s one of a kind, with your creative fingerprints all over it.

Bebke Boot Camp

Because we know it’s not easy planning an event in Israel from overseas, we’ve come up with a foolproof process to streamline your experience. We call it Bebke Boot Camp. Basically, we do all the research, identify the most promising vendors and venues to bring your vision to life, and book a whirlwind trip to Israel where, over the course of just a few days, we’ll take you around to check out all the possibilities – so you don’t have to make any major decisions sight unseen.

Making Plans

Producing an event that’s truly one of a kind takes deep professional understanding,  a tremendous network, and an emphasis on quality – down to the tiniest details. After 12 years of scouting new locations, cooking up menus that bring culinary and mixological visions to life, envisioning inspiring design, locating the smoothest soundtracks, and mastering the fine art of timings – we’ve found the perfect balance between keeping things fresh and innovative while never losing sight of our commitment to meticulous quality. We’ve got our process down to an art, which means we plan events that flow smoothly – events that simply work.

From A to Z

You lead a busy life. There’s no time for running around dealing with countless contracts and planning. And when you work with us, you don’t have to. It’s our overarching goal to make things easier for you, to be with you from A to Z on your planning journey, and to do it with so much love – from our perspective, there’s no such thing as asking for too much.

Uncompromising Design

By now, we know you pretty well. We love what you bring to the table. And we’re thrilled to be able to treat your guests to an event that epitomizes all that you are, and all that you love. So naturally, we take the responsibility of creating the design scheme for your event pretty seriously. 

Our design team crafts a unique visual experience that will make your day pop, starting with your inspiration board, moving outward to collect special items that fit your vision, and creating entirely new elements that all come together for your one-of-a-kind celebration.

Orchestrating Your Event

It’s important to us to be there for you when it’s zero hour. When the big day comes around, we’ll be on hand to  conduct the complex orchestra that is your event. We’ll be on-site, keeping on top of suppliers, ensuring your timings go to schedule, making sure your guests are having the time of their lives, and above all – being there for you, at every moment of the event.

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