Lauren and Daniel

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    Meet the Heroes

    Lauren and Daniel came straight to us from South Africa, where they met at their crossfit group. The two visited Israel many times and were captivated by the local charm; the food, music, the warmth and the unique energy. The cultural encounters captivated them that much (and in particular, Lauren), that it was clear to them that the wedding would be held here, in Israel. And this is where our shared adventure began.

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    First Vibe

    The inspiration for the event came out of a thought and challenge of how to create a wedding focused on who they are, adventurers full of joy. In search of what was special to them, Lauren told us about a movie she particularly loved: The Greatest Showman, which solved the mystery: producing a wedding to commemorate the film’s spirit and taking the guests on a journey of fantasy, imagination, adventure and creativity.

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    Bringing it to Life

    To create an authentic experience of a period circus we explored details of clothing, we visited fashion productions, we attended old fairs and that’s how we got to the little nuances that make up the 19th century circus world. Through the authentic elements, we created a powerful, emotional and dramatic reality version of that movie’s world, with a mix of details related to the couple like their dogs, surprise gifts and more.

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