Noa and Yoav

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    Meet the Heroes

    Noa and Yoav are the ultimate encounter between the urban and the moshav, as she comes from the city, and he is from the village. The mix between the two worlds is very present in their lives, as they are connected on the one hand to the local essence of the Moshav, but love Tel Aviv very much, the good-time and the restaurants in it on the other. They like to enjoy the good life: enjoy skiing and sailing trips, restaurants and good food, alongside family coziness full of laughter.

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    First Vibe

    Meetings with Noa and Yoav were fun, full of stories about travel experiences and love of good food. We talked a lot about the dynamic and interesting life in Tel Aviv, when we don’t know where the evening will start and where it will end. From the conversations we slowly embroidered the presence of the Tel Avivian urban charm, which accompanies their lives into the wedding, combined with the theme of the Moshav, which accompanies them every step of the way.

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    Bringing it to Life

    The rhythmic and varied Tel Aviv escorted us in our thinking. We wanted to illustrate the atmosphere of wandering, museums, restaurants, boutique hotels, bars, the possibility to walk between the streets and start in the bourgeois north and finish late at night in the industrial south.

    When we started exploring the grounds of the house where the wedding will be held, we discovered an elegant lawn that connects to the plantations, and from there, a passage to the junk yard with all kind of items. From here, the inspiration for the event’s theme arrived: rolling down in decline. Go from one experience to another, that blends with the transition from day to night, that begins with an all-fine elegance and gradually continues to a rugged urban good-time.

Thats what they said

“A studio for producing memorable weddings. The weddings we create are faithful solely to the way of life of my son, BEBKE we The pair and reflect it perfectly. We do not let any other factor confuse us, we do not succumb to trends or constraints and no Give up until the wedding is just the way the couple wants it to be, in every aspect. We grant mental and creative freedom"

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