Noa and Ori

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    Meet the Heroes

    Behind this extraordinary event are Noa and Uri – a couple who are in fact people of philosophy, with unique interests, based on community values, flow and meaning. Apart from a common philosophical world and a unique and exciting language that the two share, they are engaged in the production of the Midburn Festival, which reflects in essence a lot of the character of the two of them.

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    First Vibe

    Our initial thought was as to how we would convey profound values of philosophy and community in a wedding event. After long conversations into the night, the idea behind the event was deciphered: the meaning of eternity, community, a shared creation that is preserved forever.

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    Bringing it to Life

    When we tried to decipher together with the couple the right pattern for their event, the realization that they wanted it to last forever was formed. This is how the idea of an ongoing artists’ festival was born, something that is created out of nothing by us and the guests, accompanied by a common creation, community and love. We started exploring worlds where a piece is made together, just like at Scout Camp or Midburn Festival, where new products can be made together. We added fantastic, dynamic elements to create a whole-sensory experience that lasts with guests and the couple forever.

Thats what they said

“A studio for producing memorable weddings. The weddings we create are faithful solely to the way of life of my son, BEBKE we The pair and reflect it perfectly. We do not let any other factor confuse us, we do not succumb to trends or constraints and no Give up until the wedding is just the way the couple wants it to be, in every aspect. We grant mental and creative freedom"

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