Lior and Yoni

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    Meet the Heroes

    Yoni came to us after he was a guest at a wedding we produced. He enjoyed the experience so much and wanted his wedding to be a fun time too. Even as a New Yorker, he spent all his vacations in Israel. Memories of happy moments with friends and family. He also met Lior in Israel, at a friend’s wedding. And since then, love has been intertwined with his Israeli story. Today Yoni and Lior live in New York, but the perfect vacation for them is a visit to Israel. When they decided to get married, it was clear to them that they would celebrate with a wedding that was all about vacation atmosphere, friends and a never-ending good time spent in Israel, their real home.

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    First Vibe

    Yoni and Lior wanted to host their guests at a wedding with a liberated, boundless vacation atmosphere, ultimate vacation with elegant touch-ups. A fantasy of endless pleasure, a pampering, high-quality Mediterranean vibe, with lots of friends, good, delicious food and alcohol. Basically, a stylish Israeli vacation.

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    Bringing it to Life

    We went on a study to try to figure out how to pinpoint the experience of a vacation in style. The combination of finesse and pleasure-seeking, elegance and the ultimate vacation. The study brought us to the luxury hotels and colonial resorts of the 1920s. You might see these hotels in movies and romantic, exotic destinations when vacationers used to come and spend a few months enjoying the good life. We wanted to convey the feeling of opulence and glam in a resort taken out of the movies, an elegant outing with visits to the common street, full of joy, rhythm and color, in short – something dreamy.

That's what they said

Wow, you were amazing, everything was perfect, everything was beyond what we imagined and more !!! I didn't expect anything close to this... We are still in Shock- you are really professionals 💙💙💙💙💙💙

Photos by: LUZ, Valery Proshin

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