Frida and Simon

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    Meet the Heroes

    The relationship of Frida and Simon can be defined as one that is meant to be, because otherwise, it is difficult to explain the amazing similarities from which they came. The two met each other in Israel, but were born abroad, and came from families where the parents were converts to Judaism. Alongside the religion and Judaism that characterizes them, a connection of fate.

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    First Vibe

    From their family culture they brought from a lot of blues and rock from Simon’s parents, a huge love of flowers and a 70’s style from Frida’s, original Seven Species Judaism. Everything connects to something which is just unique for the two of them.

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    Bringing it to Life

    We slowly began to formulate the exact inspiration for the event: a magical flower festival in the spirit of 70’s, in a very Israeli place, full of local flora of the land of milk and honey. We wanted to combine their unique charm with every detail of the event, from the location, through the design to the atmosphere. We have located a place that reflects the special and original Israeli-ness, in a territory surrounded by local vegetation, olive trees and palm trees, with mountain air as clear as wine present around. Into the place we poured the atmosphere of the Flower Festival, free and beautiful, just like the stunning energies of Frida and Simon, flavors, flowers and accessories taken from the 70’s.

Thats what they said

“A studio for producing memorable weddings. The weddings we create are faithful solely to the way of life of my son, BEBKE we The pair and reflect it perfectly. We do not let any other factor confuse us, we do not succumb to trends or constraints and no Give up until the wedding is just the way the couple wants it to be, in every aspect. We grant mental and creative freedom"

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