Bar and Tamir

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    Meet the Heroes

    Bar and Tamir are one of those couples that are just warm and fun to hang out with. One meeting with them is enough to get the feeling that you’ve known each other forever. They are light, summer people who love the simple and beautiful things that life has to offer, first and foremost – the sea.

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    First Vibe

    The vision that stood in the front of their minds was a wedding held in a place that allowed them to be light and unconventional. Feel comfortable and not obligated to order or dictate, drink Campari with oranges, snack on a lot of fish and hang out at a flowing, loose, comfortable and cozy event, but of course, uncompromising and quality.

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    Bringing it to Life

    Alongside the laid-back summer vision that they dreamed of, we found a place that connects with the sense of freedom, a rusty fishing village, whose beauty is in its simplicity and brings to the celebration magic from other worlds. A festival by the sea, a fishing village that conveyed the look of Sinai, the rustic and grunge paradise version. In order to complete the atmosphere, we built a menu that combines fresh, uncomplicated local elements with lots of flavors and color, rusty furniture made of wood and tin, alongside colorful peach and turquoise branding. All of these gathered to an entertainment complex that is a club on the beach that we created out of nothing, which feels like it’s been there forever and is true to the cute couple and their guests.

Thats what they said

“A studio for producing memorable weddings. The weddings we create are faithful solely to the way of life of my son, BEBKE we The pair and reflect it perfectly. We do not let any other factor confuse us, we do not succumb to trends or constraints and no Give up until the wedding is just the way the couple wants it to be, in every aspect. We grant mental and creative freedom"

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