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We reached out to Enbar after many searches online. From the first phone call and from our first meeting, we realized that Enbar is what we need. She is full of enthusiasm, energy, creativity, and openness.

We wanted to have a small wedding at a family’s backyard. It was important for us to have a warm, homey, and intimate atmosphere; the feeling of a family dinner. No doubt that Inbar understood us and our personalities and knew exactly what direction to choose regarding food, lighting, music, design, and really everything. She knew how to turn our vision into reality while being creative and loving.

The process was relatively short and within three and a half months everything was ready. Inbar and the staff of Bebke were always available to answer any questions or requests we had. We felt we were in very good hands which made the planning process calmer, pleasant, exciting and mostly fun! (without any pressure at all, despite the short planning time).

The event itself was exactly (but exactly!) as we imagined it. Inbar and the staff of Bebke worked on the wedding venue for hours and they thought of every detail and succeeded in creating the homey and intimate atmosphere we wanted.

The design was stunning, simple, and special; the tables, stands, canopy, and truly everything was perfect. During the event Inbar and the team were attentive to every request or change while keeping the small details in mind. The event was organized and managed with great professionalism. It was simply excellent.

So, to Inbar and the dear staff, we had a very special experience, and you will always have a special place in our hearts!

Thank you!

Hadar and Neria

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