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We fell in love with Inbar immediately, she’s an energy bomb in a little pretty package filled with enthusiasm and constant smiling.

We wanted to get married in my parents’ farm. We knew this was not a simple task, so we looked for a professional help. We came across Bebke on Facebook. We were impressed by the pictures and decided to give them a call.

During the first meeting, which lasted three hours, Inbar managed to understand exactly who we were and what our dream wedding looked like – a simple, colorful and modest wedding in my parents’ home. A wedding that would be a fun and casual street celebration to the light of garlands, and most important of all, a meaningful Chupa ceremony where our guests will sit on mats and pillows.

The process took almost eight months, Inbar was available at any time, ready to listen to our every whim. Inbar was always understanding even when we suddenly wanted to change various elements that were already in the process of implementation.

Inbar has a sixth sense when it comes to making a dream a reality. She has great taste, creativity, and cool ideas that amazed us every time, which made us feel that we were in the best hands! Here are a few examples – in one of the meetings we mentioned that Sagie home brews beer with his friends. Inbar immediately came up with an idea to serve the beer at the wedding. Inspired by the idea, we prepared and bottled 400 bottles of two different types of home brewed beer that Sagie and friends made. Einav, the graphic designer, designed cool labels for the bottles. At the reception we built a stand where the beer was served. This created a light and casual beer fest atmosphere! Just as we wanted!

There is team of professionals working for the Bebke brand, a team that plans and manages every aspect of the wedding, such as a talented graphic designer, fantastic production manager, and creative florist and production staff. All of them made us feel like they will do anything to make us happy! In addition, we were provided with excellent vendors who suited our needs and always worked towards our satisfaction. We felt that we were surrounded by good people.

Looking back, we are pleased with the results and it was better than we imagined. We have received many compliments, and we truly believe that we succeeded in “telling our story”, as Inbar likes to say, and we create a special experience for us and for our guests that lasted days after the wedding.

At first, we were afraid of urbane and fake wedding producers who would lead us to a direction we did not want. Inbar broke this stigma! We enjoyed the joint planning with Bebke, and for us it was an enriching, constructive, and challenging experience.


Chen and Sagie

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